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Ruth Hollywood is a designer maker specialising in vibrant, geometric jewellery made from 100% recycled silver and brightly coloured resin.


Whilst her inspiration changes from collection to collection, Ruth’s main influences are science, architecture and modern artists such as Frank Stella. Colour theory and grid formations are continuing themes from which she develops shapes and structures, the process of making itself leading to further experimentation.


She skillfully combines new technology with traditional techniques, adding a pop of colour using hand mixed resin pigments. Each piece is then carefully filled and finished to give the silver a delicate brushed matte finish, providing a subtle contrast to the bold resin.


Dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of her practice, Ruth uses responsibly sourced and sustainable recycled silver. Additionally she adopts these strong ethical principles throughout her work with regards to materials, packaging and waste.


Ruth’s bright yet minimal statement pieces are beautifully made; lightweight yet strong for comfortable and practical everyday wear. Whilst contemporary in design, their exceptional finish also gives them a highly elegant quality. Her collections contain both large and small-scale pieces, allowing the wearer to be playful and experiment with both striking and subtle looks. Consequently, Ruth’s pieces are desirable staple accessories for those who love colour and appreciate sustainable creative practice.








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